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Coaching for Founders & Leaders

To be quite honest, we were initially skeptical of offering coaching. It seemed rather, well, "mushy". After all, how can you measure its value?

Then we noticed we were getting consistent feedback that one of the most impactful aspects of working with Hyperspace was the 1:1 conversations with our experts. Specifically:

  • Understanding & refining your leadership ​style 

  • Reframing problems to find opportunities 

  • Distilling overwhelming complexity into clear action items

So, we now offer coaching.


Leaders take many forms. Invest in understanding your leadership style, amplifying your ability to influence, and becoming a master of execution.


Turn overwhelming complexity or insurmountable challenges into a prioritized list of strategic action items. 


Remember where you're going, consider where you're at, and create a map to close the distance between.


Is something else on your mind? 

How It Works

  1. Choose a theme (above)

  2. Schedule your complementary first session 

  3. Meet on Zoom

  4. Define your goals & metrics for success

  5. Get a tailored 1 month coaching plan


  • For:  Founders and C-Level leaders

  • Time:  4 sessions, 1 month

  • Cost:  $400


Thanks!  We'll be in touch soon to schedule your initial call.

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