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In a nutshell, "compliance" means staying up to date with legal requirements in the places where you do business.

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Compliance Fundamentals

Incorporate your LLC and keep it in good standing. 

  • Free incorporation in one state 

  • Filing of annual reports and monitoring "good standing" status

  • Receiving and advising on how to action notices

Annual Subscription

  • $100 for home state

  • $50 for each additional state

  • + any required state fees

Optional Add Ons 

  • Registered Agent Service

  • Maintaining registrations with Department of Labor and/or Department of Revenue

  • Actioning notices from the state

  • Resolving previous breaches in compliance to restore good standing

  • Receiving and scanning mail

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Incorporation Service

For when it's time to commit to that idea you've been tinkering with and make it a legal company. Service includes: 

  • Name search to make sure your chosen name isn't already in use

  • Documentation prep and filing to incorporate an LLC or Corporation in any state in the US

Service Fee

  • $200 

  • + state filing fees, which verry by state

Optional Add Ons - $50 / hour

Filing for local business license

Setting up a "Doing Business As" name, or DBA 

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Registration as a Foreign Entity Service

For when you're ready to expand out of your home state across the country (e.g. hiring employees or signing contracts in other states). 

  • Documentation prep and filing to register as a foreign LLC or Corporation in any state in the US

  • In this context, "foreign" doesn't mean your business is coming from outside the US. It means you're from a different state within the US. 

Service Fee

  • $100 

  • + state filing fees, which vary by state

Optional Add Ons - $50 / hour

  • Register with Department of Revenue

  • Register with Department of Labor

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Registered Agent Service

Every company needs a registered in-state address. If you don't have an office, and you don't want to publish your home address, you can hire us as your Registered Agent. Service includes:

  • Providing an in-state address for state communications to be sent to

  • Receiving and scanning mail

Annual Subscription

  • $50 - $60 depending upon the state

Optional Add Ons 

  • See "Compliance Services Package"

Compliance is tedious but not difficult. To handle it yourself, research the requirements that affect your business and submit the necessary paperwork (forms can be found and often filed online through government websites).

To get started, check out our Compliance Checklist.

Doesn't sound like fun? 

Hire us to take care of it for you.

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