In a nutshell, this means staying up to date with legal requirements for incorporating and running a business.

There are four common jurisdictions:


Needed as soon as your business has a physical footprint, such as a store front or office.​

Home State

Needed from Day 1​

Other States

Needed as soon as you have activity outside your home state, such as sales (physical or online) or a remote employee.​


Needed from Day 1

Compliance is tedious but not difficult. To handle it yourself, research the requirements that affect your business and submit the necessary paperwork (forms can be found and often filed online through government websites).

To get started, check out our Compliance Checklist.

Doesn't sound like fun? 

You can also hire us to take care of it for you.


Local, state, and federal non-tax government reporting, including:

- Submitting state annual statements of information / reports

- Receiving and scanning mail

- Registrations & Dissolutions

1 State

$100 / year

Additional States

+$50 / state

Registered Agent

+$60 / state

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