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Our "Why"

We are here to empower smart, pragmatic, mission-driven founders to build companies that change the world for the better.


We imagine a world in which impossible does not exist. A world where, instead of worrying about having enough, people spend their time exploring, learning, and innovating to make things even better. 

We believe the best way to build this world is by investing in startups that are ambitious for good. 

Welcome to Hyperspace.

Our Core Values

Anything is possible 
to those that will try.

Money is a
means to an end.

Do what matters most.
(Not what's easiest.)

Move faster
than light.

Rocket Launch

What's in a Name?

According to humanity's current understanding of physics, light sets the intergalactic speed limit. It's impossible to go faster than that. 


However, 500 years ago we thought you couldn't sail over the horizon, or you'd fall off the edge of the world. 100 years ago we didn't think it was possible for humans to fly. 60 years ago we didn't think we could go faster than the speed of sound. 50 years ago we didn't think we could go into space. 

Something is only impossible until it is done. 

"Hyperspace" is a theoretical place in which matter can move faster than light. That is why we have taken it for our name - because we believe nothing is impossible. ​

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