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Goal Setting for an Amazing Life on Your Terms

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When I was in my early 20’s, working on one of my first startups, I sat down to discuss my goals for myself and the company with a trusted mentor. He listened to the list of goals, but when I turned to begin talking about what was working and what wasn’t, he stopped me and asked “Why do you want these things?”

“To better the world, to build something enduring, to achieve at the highest level,” I answered quickly.

“Why?” he asked me again. And again. And again. Until finally he’d thrown out all the tropes and surface reasons and I sat, fumbling for words. That was when I stopped saying things I thought I knew, and turned inwards to sincerely ask myself - why?

That conversation completely changed the way I set goals to this day. After it, I created a goal setting meditation that some have told me they also find helpful. Perhaps you will, too.

Part 1

Set aside everything else going on in your day. Take a deep breath, and imagine - you are 100 years old, sitting comfortably in your favorite chair. Feel the material of the arms under your fingers. Look down at your hands, old and wrinkled.

Remembering back, think about the life you have lived. It has been the most amazing life you could have ever imagined, filled with people you love, achievements you are proud of, and stories of great adventures, and rich with lessons learned. As you think back, describe everything that comes to mind about that incredible life. W What were the highlights of it? Who are the people you love? What do your loved ones think of you, what do they praise and appreciate you for? Where did you live? What did you do in your career? What did you accomplish?

Set a timer for 20 minutes (you can take longer if you want, but don’t stop before it goes off).

Part 2

Take your notes about that amazing life. Turn them into a list of goals.

Part 3

Once a year, choose five bullets from that list and make them your goals to achieve this year. I do this annually on my birthday, but you can choose any date as long as you remember it every year.

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