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Money is a Means to an End

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

We are cutthroat capitalists, make no mistake. Business is a game, and we love playing almost as much as we love winning. But we must remember that the finite game of business unfolds within the infinite game of economics, and economics is an extension of physics.

At Hyperspace, money is not our goal, because money is imaginary. Since 1700 over 750 currencies have come into use. Only about 150 remain in circulation, and of those every single one has been devalued. (Ray Dalio, The Value of Money). Becoming a millionaire is easy - all you have to do is go buy a game of Monopoly. Therein lies the difference between money and wealth. Wealth is the true goal.

Wealth is counted in money but defined by assets. In economic terms, wealth is the possession of resources like notes, property, livestock, factories, etc. Ultimately, there is only one way to generate more wealth - productivity. To again quote Ray Dalio:

“There is a real economy and there is a financial economy, which are intertwined but different.”

True wealth in physics terms is potential energy. It is the ability to make things happen - and this is why wealth is the goal, but not the end game.

The end game is wellbeing. As finite, non-omnipotent organisms, that we live and die is one of the only things we know for sure. Thus, time spent alive is the single most valuable thing in the universe. We only get so much time to live, so quality of life is the second most valuable.

Here at Hyperspace, our end game is the well being of life. To ensure that we’re going to need a lot of money. Thus, money is a tool to us - a means to an end.

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