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We're experimenting. We're testing if we can build social enterprises as a way to sustainably better the world for everyone. 

What is a Social Enterprise?

For Good

Startups with specific, measurable impact goals

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For Profit

Startups with sustainable, profitable business models

We work exclusively with social enterprises, because we believe that meaningful change is caused by wisdom in action and sustained by profitable economic models. 

What does "For Profit" mean?

A for-profit organization has a business model that makes money. It does not take donations. It does not subsist off a trust fund or foundation or grants. It's fundamental activity is to sell a good or service in a capitalist marketplace with a healthy profit margin, and make a sustainable profit. 

What does "For Good" mean?

A for-good organization has a specific, measurable goal to create a better world, and this goal is equally as important as profitability.


For this goal to be specific and measurable it has to be clearly defined such that we can tell where we are now, how far away from the goal we are, and when we've succeeded. For example, feeding the hungry is not a good goal because it has no end and it doesn't solve any root problems.  A good goal is for everyone on Earth to plentiful, healthy food to eat. We can count the total number of people, subtract the number of people with plenty of healthy and nutritious food to eat, and measure where we are relative to the goal. With that information, we can start assessing strategies to get to the goal while also making a profit. Pick a strategy to implement, and now we have a social enterprise. 


I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

- Thomas Edison

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