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The Beliefs that Define Our Tribe

Anything is possible 

to those that will try.

Money is

a means to an end.

Do what matters most,

not what's easiest.

Move faster

than light.


Content & Media Internship

Build your skills in crafting compelling content to inspire and inform. Explore a career in media production & distribution.

  • Write compelling articles and copy

  • Create captivating visuals and infographics

  • Edit video and audio from interviews with industry leaders

  • Design sharp landing pages and websites


Business Development Internship

Build your skills in understanding and navigating networks to close high profile contracts. Explore a career in business development and sales. 

  • Leverage and expand the Hyperspace network 

  • Learn to profile targets and develop leads 

  • Build, test, and hone customer pipelines

  • Craft compelling product presentations 

  • Manage negotiations and sales conversations

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